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Description: OpenSS7 old status.

The OpenSS7 project is in pre-release pre-alpha stage. What this really means is that we are still working on the code and it is really not suitable for public release. What we have done is made the source code available for those that are interested in following the pre-release development or in pushing the envelope on our development.

Load this code and mess with it at your own peril. Currently the code is likely to crash your machine and cause you to have to reboot. You may irreparably damage your header files and be unable to recompile your kernel. You may have to reload you system. There is no warranty.

We hope to have an alpha release of the stack which is suitable for public consumption around November 2000 (yes, that quickly). If you are interested in becoming a pre-alpha tester and help us stabilize the alpha release, please drop us a note at and let us know your intentions.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please read the ``What's Needed,'' below, subscribe to our mailing list and e-mail us ( and let us know what and how your would like to contribute. If you would just like to see where we stand on the source code, check the download page.

Fri Sep 22 05:37:28 CDT 2000

A significant departure has been made from the old codebase. (See the design page for detailed information.) Basically, the items which are marked in green on the architecture diagram are done, the items marked in blue are in progress, and the items marked white have not even been touched yet.

What's Done:

  • Sealevel ACB56 SS7 Device Driver:-   An SS7 device driver for the ACB56 card from Sealevel which uses the SS7 Link Driver Interface and provide a V.35 physical SS7 link. This is an example driver and is a single-file, 700 odd line driver which provides all the necessary capabilies expected of the SS7 Link Driver Interface.

  • SS7 Link Driver Interface:-   An MTP Level 2 driver interface as a loadable module which provides a virtual driver interface which provides Level 2 state machines and interface to the MTP Level 3 state machines at the socket layer. Loads as a loadable kernel module and provides AF_SS7 and ETH_P_SS7 packet interfaces.

  • SS7 MTP and SCCP Socket Code:-   MTP and SCCP socket interface code which provide users the ability to open, configure, bind and close an AF_SS7 socket with SS7_PROTO_MTP and SS7_PROTO_SCCP or SS7_PROTO_RAW protocols.

  • SS7 MTP State Machines and Routing Tables:-   MTP state machines interfacing to the MTP socket code on the upper interface and L2 packets coming from the NET4 packet scheduler on the bottom interface. Routing table which provides routing for destination point codes, route sets, routes, link set, and links.

To Do:

  • SS7 SCCP State Machines and Global Title Translations Database:-   Need to put together SCCP state machines per Q.714 for connectionless operation and support of subsystems. Need a Global Title Translations SCCP routing tables and configuration support for routing tables.

  • `procfs' and `sysctl' Support for SS7 MTP:-   Need to hook in procfs and sysctrl for the control and configuration of the MTP and SCCP protocol layers.

  • `ioctl' Support for SS7 MTP:-   Although the ioctls are there, what is need are the ioctls for adding and removing destination point codes, route sets, routes, linksets and links to and from the MTP routing tables. Also need are the ioctls to set timer values associated with specific MTP point codes.

  • SNMP Support:-   Working in SNMP support for both MTP and SCCP.

  • Statistics:-   Statistics needs to be cleaned up and made appropriate to standards (such as Q.752).

  • Alarms Subsystem:-   Need to work an alarms subsystem into the Linux kernel for classifying Critical, Major and Minor alarm conditions and providing appropriate alarms logs and indications to an operator.

  • Some SIGTRAN L2 drivers and L3 interfaces:-   Work in some support for various SIGTRAN stuff.

What's Needed:

  • Developers:-   Of course, as many delvelopers as possible to continue development and documentation of the SS7 stack and drivers.

  • Hardware:-   Organizations or individuals to contribute hardware, especially for driver development (ACB56 cards, T1 cards, V.35 modems, etc.), also for test configuration for regressive conformance testing and certifications.

  • Test Gear & Labs:-   Organizations to contribute test gear, laboratory time, testing personnel for regressive conformance testing and certification of releases.

  • T1 Interface Driver:-   I need two things here: volunteers to write the driver, and an existing manufacturer and distributor of PC-based T1 interface cards to contribute technical specifications for driver development to the project.

  • DSO/DSOA Interface Driver:-   Again, I need two things here: volunteers to write the drivers, and an exsting manufacturer and distributor of PC-based DS0/DS0A interface cards to contribute technical specifications for driver development to the project.

  • Conformance Testing:-   Access to conformance test gear and conformance testing laboratories and volunteers to perform the tests. (Alternatively, I need volunteers to incorporate conformance testing capabilities into an existing driver so that a Linux box can be used for conformance testing. Also, I would need someone to write the conformance test suites.)

  • Certification:-   Organizations will to contribute or volunteer to share the costs of formal certification of major releases of the software in specific configurations.

Sun Jul 18 22:14:04 CDT 1999

You can find the old status here , if you are interested.

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