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OpenSS7 License

Description: OpenSS7 License OpenSS7 License.

Software licensed under OpenSS7 License is licensed under a proprietary license only. This includes primarily: (Please refer to the Copyright notices and licensing terms included with the specific software.)

  • Conformance Test Programs
  • Performance Test Programs
  • Interworking Test Programs

Software provided by OpenSS7 Corporation for these purposes normally has the license terms that can be found here. There are a number of reasons why the OpenSS7 conformance, performance and interworking software does not have an open license:

  1. Conformance Test Programs should be modified only if there is an error in the validity of the conformance test. Conformance tests are provided by OpenSS7 Corporation for the sole purpose of testing the conformance and validity testing of the OpenSS7 stacks. Use of this software for testing products other than the OpenSS7 stacks is strictly prohibited. (However, license for that purpose can be obtained from OpenSS7 Corporation.)

  2. If conformance test programs were permitted to be modified, it would not be possible to have a strict baseline on the test results necessary to ensure conformance to applicable conformance standards and specifications.

  3. Performance Test Programs can be modified to skew or invalidate the performance test. Performance test programs which are not modified provide a benchmark for further testing of the OpenSS7 stacks and protocol modules. As such, these programs should not be modified. Therefore, modification of test programs remains under the strict control of OpenSS7 Corporation.

  4. If performance test programs were permitted ot be modified, it would not be possible to have a strict baseline on the test results necessary to ensure conformance to performance objectives of applicable standards and specifications.

  5. The same is true for specific interworking tests (such as those provided for TALI). It would be difficult to maintain a strict baseline on test results if these programs were permitted to be modified.

However, conformance, performance and interworking programs may be distributed with the OpenSS7 stacks without change; however, no license is given to modify the programs. Checksums are included with OpenSS7 source releases at the Beta level and beyond to allow the recipient of a distribution to check that the conformance, performance and interworking test programs have not been modified. The OpenSS7 Project will provide MD5 checksums on its downloads page with each distribution to allow a recipient of an OpenSS7 stack to ensure that the software being used comes from an authoritative release and that baseline test results are applicable.

OpenSS7 provides some software which has restricted distribution and modifications. This is primarily conformance, performance and interworking test software. The reason for restricting modifications to the software is that test results for conformance, performance and interworking are heavily tied to the coding of the test software. As a result, this software is provided only for the purposes of testing the OpenSS7 stacks with which it is distributed and cannot be modified.

OpenSS7 Corporation provides licensing of test programs for use in testing software other than OpenSS7 products.

The OpenSS7 Copyright Notice is similar to that presented in the following listing:


 @(#) $RCSfile$ $Name$($Revision$) $Date$


 Copyright (c) 2001-2008  OpenSS7 Corporation <>
 Copyright (c) 1997-2000  Brian F. G. Bidulock <>

 All Rights Reserved.

 Unauthorized distribution or duplication is prohibited.

 This software and related documentation is protected by copyright and
 distributed under licenses restricting its use, copying, distribution and
 decompilation.  No part of this software or related documentation may be
 reproduced in any form by any means without the prior written authorization
 of the copyright holder, and licensors, if any.

 The recipient of this document, by its retention and use, warrants that the
 recipient will protect this information and keep it confidential, and will
 not disclose the information contained in this document without the written
 permission of its owner.

 The author reserves the right to revise this software and documentation for
 any reason, including but not limited to, conformity with standards
 promulgated by various agencies, utilization of advances in the state of the
 technical arts, or the reflection of changes in the design of any techniques,
 or procedures embodied, described, or referred to herein.  The author is
 under no obligation to provide any feature listed herein.


 As an exception to the above, this software may be distributed under the GNU
 Affero General Public License (AGPL) Version 3, so long as the software is
 distributed with, and only used for the testing of, OpenSS7 modules, drivers,
 and libraries.


 U.S. GOVERNMENT RESTRICTED RIGHTS.  If you are licensing this Software on
 behalf of the U.S. Government ("Government"), the following provisions apply
 to you.  If the Software is supplied by the Department of Defense ("DoD"),
 it is classified as "Commercial Computer Software" under paragraph
 252.227-7014 of the DoD Supplement to the Federal Acquisition Regulations
 ("DFARS") (or any successor regulations) and the Government is acquiring
 only the license rights granted herein (the license rights customarily
 provided to non-Government users).  If the Software is supplied to any unit
 or agency of the Government other than DoD, it is classified as "Restricted
 Computer Software" and the Government's rights in the Software are defined
 in paragraph 52.227-19 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations ("FAR") (or
 any successor regulations) or, in the cases of NASA, in paragraph
 18.52.227-86 of the NASA Supplement to the FAR (or any successor


 Commercial licensing and support of this software is available from OpenSS7
 Corporation at a fee.  See


 Last Modified $Date$ by $Author$



#ident "@(#) $RCSfile$ $Name$($Revision$) $Date$"

static char const ident[] = "$RCSfile$ $Name$($Revision$) $Date$";

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